Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creepy Clown Chair

What else can I say? It looks creepy to me. My son found this kid's clown chair this past weekend while on a thrift store outing, and he just "had" to get it for my collection. I like that my son cares enough to bring me an addition to my collection. Does it seem weird that he thinks of me when he sees "creepy clowns"?

From the inscription engraved on the underside of this chair, you can see it was lovingly constructed and painted by "Gramps" in 1982 for a little boy named "Travis". I'm sure Travis liked this chair.....unless his mom decided it would make a good place for him to take his "time-out's" for misbehaving! Maybe that's what makes this clown seem creepy!!!

I don't know yet where this creepy clown chair will sit in my house, I'm sure I'll find the perfect place. Should I place it in a corner? And if I do, should it face toward the wall?

You can see more of my clown collection HERE, HERE, and HERE.  

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