Friday, January 27, 2012

Clowns, Clowns and More Clowns

This tray puzzle is of clowns from the 1950s television show "Big Top". I remember watching it and I had a puzzle like this one as a child. You can read about it at CLOWNS - My Fear and Fascination, a post about my relationship with clowns at my first blog. Little by little, clown art found its way to me and I had a collection. More than three...right?

So I decided to display what I had. After hanging them (as seen above), I found the tray puzzle. A while later, my son and daughter-in-law brought me a large clown watercolor they found at a thrift store when on vacation. Then, a little over 2 weeks ago, I found another huge clown painting you can read about here. My small space in our computer room wouldn't hold my collection. Pieces were stored away. I would tell myself...."I really need to do something with all my clowns".

SO .....I DID! Finally. Two days ago I got a frame for the tray puzzle. It was the wrong color....or rather a color I didn't like. I found some craft paints and mixed my own color and painted the frame. Then I waited for paint to dry. Boy, that takes a while! When it did dry, I framed the puzzle and was satisfied with the result. Then. yesterday I spent a while arranging & re-arranging my various clown "art" on the floor, until I got an arrangement that I liked. Next, I got my tools....hammer, nails/picture hanging thingys, laser level, stud finder, pencil, yardstick....and commenced to marking & measuring & hanging all my clowns. 

My clown collection is now in my den and it covers a large portion of one wall. It's quite a lot larger than it was, now that it was all gathered together. Here's the final result.

 And here it is from the opposite end. I would need a panoramic camera to get a centered picture!

Now I have plenty of wall know...just in case another clown finds its way to me!

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