Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Clown with Many Faces

Today I found a beautiful, nicely framed oil painting of a clown at a local Goodwill store. Actually, the painting had not made it all the way out for display. It was in a cart with other merchandise that was being shelved. I didn't see it, but I am glad my husband did. 

The picture above is only part of the entire oil painting. The full canvas measures about 20" by 24".  It is signed at the lower right "K. Howard". I tried some searches, but couldn't come up with any particular artist by that name. My husband and I joked that maybe Ken Howard from the old 1978–1981 TV series "The White Shadow" had decided to paint clowns. Probably not. I do thank whoever K. Howard is for painting this clown and also thank whoever decided the painting was going to "my" Goodwill store!

Here is the whole painting.

The camera flash made places on the clown's suit appear sparkly when it really isn't. The frame has a couple of places in need of touch-up, but this was a great find. At a price of $6.00, I just couldn't pass up adding it to my clown collection, which you can check out at CLOWNS - My Fear and Fascination.

I am not good at interpreting artwork, so I am not sure of the meaning of the clown's solemn look or the other happy faces, which appear to be the same clown sans makeup. I just know I loved this painting at first glance.

Now all my clown artwork will have to be re-arranged!

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