Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Clock

About two weeks ago we went to an estate sale where I found a clock to add to my clock collection. The price was right, only $2.00. However, the color was all wrong and it needed a little fixin'. Besides the awful blue color, do you see anything wrong?

My cup clock was missing it's saucer. I found a picture to show you what it should look like. When this clock has it's saucer, it can either stand on the counter or hang on the wall. Here's a "complete" clock.

Since my clock was missing the saucer, it really needed to be replaced. A trip to the local hobby store produced just the piece to make the repair, an unfinished 7 inch oval wooden plaque. The plaque had a beveled edge, so I could turn it upside down to replicate the upturn on a saucer's edge. Then I had to decide where to draw the line....the line to guide my saw to flatten this plaque on one side so the clock could hang on the wall when the new "saucer" was attached. I sawed off about a third of it. Then I had to drill holes into the "saucer"to fit the pegs on the bottom of the cup and do a little sanding to smooth the rough edges. 

Before I could attach the saucer, I had to paint it and I already had paint the same cream color as the "ear" on the coffee cup. But I still hated that blue color! In my box of paints, I had the perfect color, Really Red! So I removed the clock works and sanded away the blue, and painted the cup red. After proper drying time and re-assembly, I now have a coffee cup clock that I really love.

Now isn't that much better! I'm thinking it's time for a relaxing cup of coffee.


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