Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time for Clocks


I have plenty of clocks at my house.......but don't trust them to tell you exactly what time it is. The clock pictured here is one of my favorite clocks, a retro metal starburst wall clock that I found at a yard sale many years ago. 

This starburst clock grouped with the two wall clocks pictured below have been on a wall in my den for quite some time. The starburst and the "scalloped" round metal clock are both electric, but neither has a cord. I wanted the clocks for their visual appeal, not to tell time by. Besides, the cord on the round clock was spliced together, and I get a little paranoid plugging in electrical things that are so old. So, snip-snip, the cords were removed. I'll set my own time on each clock, thank you. The '70s rectangular clock is key wound and I do have the key, but I'm too lazy to wind a clock every few days to keep it running "on time". 

Here is another favorite of mine (well, it seems that ALL my clocks are favorites) which was given to me years ago by my husband. The Kit-Cat clock. It isn't an "antique" but was given to me about 1990 so I guess that's pretty old in clock years. Kit-Cat has been in my kitchen ever since.

This mantel clock belonged to my Grandmother. I have the key to wind it, but it no longer works.

Then there is a battery operated mantel clock which was a present from an Aunt. 

However, on the mantel in my den is a clock that I spotted at the Pickens County Flea Market (Pickens, SC) and I HAD to have it. 

This clock combines two of my collections into ONE piece, clocks and monkeys. (More on the monkeys another time.) Although this filigree clock is missing a top finial, the way it is made you hardly notice. Of course, it may be the monkey that draws your eye from any imperfection. No matter, I smile each time I look at this little clock. And what's a collection for anyway, if not to make you happy!

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