Saturday, April 7, 2012

Clown Paint By Number Paintings & Emmett Kelly

A trip to the local Salvation Army Thrift Store was a success for me today. I didn't think I was going to run across anything, but my eyes wandered to the far wall behind the books and furniture. There I spied not one, but TWO framed pictures that required a closer look!

Off I went, only to find I was a bit too short to reach them. Well, really shortness wasn't the problem. The problem was the table and 2 boxes containing a various, jumbled mess of donated picture frames. The last time I was in this store, the table was there, but it appeared the Salvation Army store workers had been "unloading" the warehouse by the boxful! Not to be deterred, I scooted and scrunched and inched my way toward the wall. Finally, just by the tips of my fingers, I could edge the two pictures down for a better look. All the while I was thinking and hoping that the worker who priced this pair did a decent job and didn't think the paintings were "Louvre" quality and deserved a price tag to match!

I was in luck! The person who "painted" these paint-by-number clowns did a decent job, and they also liked them well enough to take them to a frame shop to be framed. The frames did have a few "bruises" and some dust, but overall, I was very pleased with the pair. Now, for the determining factor...the price....was it "too pricey" or "just right"? At $2.99 each.....the price was "just right"!

I have no way of knowing for sure that these paint-by-number clowns are, indeed, Emmett Kelly, but it sure looks like him to me. So I'm just going to call them "my Emmett Kelly's". 

Since I really like Emmett Kelly, I thought you might enjoy this video of Emmett appearing on What's My Line? TV game show on March 11, 1956.

I've already decided on the placement of the pair on my already full wall of clowns. One will go above the clown puppet on the right and the other just below it.

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  1. Wonderful, I think the video you chose was great! LiFe's Short Have FuN, Carnival Luv.....