Thursday, May 16, 2013

Put on a Smiley Face

Sometimes you need to smile. I see something every day that encourages a smile to peek through, as hard as it may be. The thing I see is my Smiley Face drinking glass. 

See....wouldn't this make you smile?

I have a set of Smiley Face drinking glasses. Actually, I have quite a large set, probably at least a dozen....maybe more. Most of these vintage glasses are packed away in the back of a cabinet in safekeeping for that moment when I become all thumbs and break one of the 6 that currently occupy a prominent place in my glass front kitchen cabinet.

I cannot remember what came first in my Smiley Face collection, the first set of drinking glasses or this........

....a glass ceiling light cover with a white frosted background and bright yellow and orange Smiley Faces staring down at you. We've had it for years. Are you smiling yet?

Would saving money make you smile? Try depositing your change in this big yellow ceramic Smiley Face bank, which is a recent addition to my collection. If you fill this bank up, you should be smiling!

If your smile gets turned upside down and you happen to shed a tear, perhaps plucking a tissue from this Smiley Face tissue box holder (the newest addition to my collection) would help you dry those tears and put on a happy face.

I hope looking at my Smiley Face collection helped you SMILE!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Shrine of Wooden Utensils

I guess this is the beginning of a collection (THREE ..sets in this case.. would Make A Collection). Today I found the wooden spoon & fork set on the left at the Goodwill Where Things Go To Die on Poinsett Hwy. I scooped them up and brought them home to live with the set on the right that we bought in 1972 for my parents while we were in Hawaii during my husband's R & R. Since I don't have three sets, and the centerpiece is a sacred heart cross, I guess this is more of a shrine, huh?