Friday, October 21, 2011

Mr. Bingle 2011 Arrives!


Jingle, Jangle,'s time for this year's Mr. Bingle! 

Try as I might, I could not resist. In South Carolina, Mr. Bingle is not to be found. Most here probably don't know who he is, but I do. 

October rolled around and I knew stores would be putting out this year's Christmas items soon. I waited patiently, checking the New Orleans Dillard's website every few days for Mr. Bingle 2011 to make an appearance. Finally, on this past Sunday, there he was! I slept on it, trying to resist, but he was so cute in his little purple sweater with the gold Fleur-de-lis! On Monday morning I placed my order online and set in for the 4-7 day shipping wait. 

Wait, what's this? It seems that not only was Dillard's prompt in filling my order, but the good old USPS was on their best behavior too! On Wednesday (that's only 2 days) a nice package arrived containing my newest Mr. Bingle!



So, Mr. Bingle 2011 will take up residence this Christmas with my other Mr. Bingle's from 1987, 1996, 2007 and 2010. You can see the rest of my Mr. Bingle collection at this link

It's gonna be a jingle, jangle Christmas in S.C. for me!

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