Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mr. Bingle arrives for Christmas

Welcome to Mr. Bingle 2010, who arrived a few days ago at my house. I tried to resist him, but he was too cute. I had to have him for my collection.  

Here is my 1987 Mr. Bingle, who I "adopted" when I found him at a Goodwill Store in Greenville, SC.

The 1987 Mr. Bingle (above) came home to live with my 2007 Mr. Bingle (below), who I purchased brand new at Dillard's in New Orleans while on vacation in 2007.

After buying Mr. Bingle 2007 and finding Mr. Bingle 1987 at a local Goodwill, imagine my surprise to find another Mr. Bingle at a different local Goodwill a year or so later! That would be Mr. Bingle 1996, pictured below.

So for this Christmas, my Mr. Bingle collection numbers 4 "full size" Bingle's and 1 Mr. Bingle that is about 8 inches in height, that I place on the Christmas Tree. I'd better get busy with my decorations, so all of my Mr. Bingle's can meet!

If you want to read more about Mr. Bingle, go to the post at my old blog by clicking HERE.

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