Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Creepy Clowny Mother's Day

This is the Mother's Day card I got from my son and daughter-in-law. My son always looks for monkey cards 'cause he knows I like the cute little critters. I guess I'd collect monkeys if I could. I remember asking my parents for a monkey when I was very young. Needless to say, I never got that wish.

This post is really a little past due, in that it is about a present I received from my son this year on Mother's Day. My son and his wife had been on a trip to Memphis with a swing through Tupelo and Atlanta before coming back home. It seems that even though they were off having fun, I wasn't far from their thoughts. They saw something in an antique mall that my daughter-in-law said I might like. After rambling through the antique mall, my son decided that what they saw was something that I really would like....or completely he took the gamble, made the purchase and loaded it in their car.

On Mother's Day I was surprised when they walked in carrying two presents, one small and the other large. The small one was the newest Charlaine Harris book, which I had just seen at Target and really wanted. The large package was a puzzlement to me and as I felt it I wondered why it felt like a picture frame. It seems it WAS a picture frame....with a water color painting of a creepy clown! So here is the newest addition to my clown collection.

As for whether I like it or hate it....I do like it. (My daughter-in-law is really glad that it is no longer in their house staring at her.)

Now I will have to do some thinking about where to hang this picture permanently. More than likely, I will have to rearrange my complete clown collection to get everything all properly placed. If you want to see the rest of my collection, I previously wrote about my clowns on my other blog at these links
Clowns - My Fear and Fascination and Send In The Clowns .

Thanks to Zack and Kathy for the great Mother's Day presents!

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's not Christmas yet.....but you have to think ahead!

We went to an estate sale this morning. It didn't sound very promising in the advertisement and the photos on the website just looked to be run of the mill stuff. But you never know, do you?

In the second room I walked into I found a set of NOEL angel candleholders, marked with tiny paper labels on the bottom "Japan" and each had 6A/217 lettered on the bottom. Now I have no idea what the lettering means, but I do know they were older since they were made in Japan. I also know what I like and I like NOEL candleholders from back in the day. So here is the set I picked up today......OH, and before I forget and you just think I'm a bad speller.... if the candleholders are not "hooked together" in any is how I set them out....

This makes my fourth LEON....uh NOEL, so I do have a collection, don't I? Of course I do. I also collect Santas and other Christmas related items. Lots can be seen at Santa Is At My House .. Better Be Good! , a post on the blog I had before deciding to do one on just my collections.

Back to my NOEL candleholders, here is one of the first sets that I "found" many years ago. I am uncertain exactly where, but wherever it was, the price had to be right. Anyway, this LEON has been the center of my Christmas mantel decorations ever since. I really cannot remember if it ever was put out on display in the correct spelling. Also, I have never put candles in this or in any of my NOEL candleholders.

There are two more NOEL candleholders in my collection and neither of these can be "rearranged" but I like them anyway. One is Santa in his sleigh and four reindeer. Each reindeer holds a candle. This particular piece was found at a yard sale, again too many years ago to even think about. It is still in the original box, which is in excellent shape. There is real straw packing on either end of the box and the top opens on a hinge like a cigar box. I keep it tied together with old fashioned "curling" ribbon used for wrapping packages.

Finally I have my "stand up" Santa NOEL piece. These little Santas are forming a totem pole and each is holding a NOEL letter. Although each letter has a candleholder, the candle "cup" is broken off of the "L", but it doesn't matter since I don't use candles with these.

So this estate sale was great for me, even though we didn't think we would find anything. Oh, and my husband found a Christmas Sugar Bear (Sugar Crisp cereal) which is our 3rd Christmas Sugar Bear.